Web Payment Login

Type your Student Identification Number (SID)
Type your Personal Identification Number (PIN)
Select quarter
How to Pay Online
  1. Enter your Student ID and global PIN > Click Get Charges button
  2. Enter information as indicated Click Charge My Credit Card button
    Important – Do not click on Charge My Credit Card multiple times. Multiple clicks may result in multiple charges. It may take one or two minutes to process.
  3. A confirmation screen should appear displaying your charge total and confirmation number. > Write down or print your confirmation number.
    Note: If the confirmation screen does not appear, your transaction has not been processed. Try again or contact the Cashier’s Office for help.
Remove a Block
Blocks are not automatically removed upon payment. Contact the Cashier to remove the block.

Check Amount Due
Enter your Student ID Number and global PIN > Click Get Charges button > A message will appear indicating payment status and amount due if applicable.

Get Help
See web payment information and help.